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The TeamFunding System is part of the Venture Activist Kit, which makes advanced Fortune 500 Marketing and Management Systems accessible and affordable for small and medium sized businesses. The TeamFunding System integrates the knowledge and expertise of some the most innovative application developers in the industry, with the most advanced IT infrastructure available, to deliver more marketing “bang for the buck” than any competing system.


Cutting-Edge Applications

The TeamFunding System adds a simple affiliate-link to the WOW Website Platform that is included in the Venture Activist Kit, within a web page that promotes the TeamFunding System for you, and integrates that affiliate-link with an advanced TeamFunding Management Portal, which reports the exact amounts of Fast-Start Rewards and Profit Sharing Pool payments that are owed to you each month. In addition, your TeamFunding Management Portal breaks-down the origins of those payments by reporting on the all the activities of all your TeamFunding Partners, Grand-Partners, Great-Grand-Partners (etc etc etc) including their total monthly purchases, any new Venture Activist Kits within their TeamFunding Teams, and any scheduled Webinars or Meetups that are planned within your TeamFunding Team.


Super-Fast Infrastructure

Web page loading speed matters… a lot! But large photos and dynamic features that deliver the “WOW Factor” can slow web page load times to unacceptable levels. To resolve this problem, significant speed-optimizing technology should be employed.


Additionally, each second that an employee waits for an online business application to load a screen, multiplied by the number of screens they view in a day, multiplied by the total number of employees, could add up to hours of lost productivity pretty quickly. Once again, significant speed-optimizing technology should be employed to resolve this problem.


For these reasons, the Cloud Services included in the Venture Activist Kit is powered by one of the most advanced cloud computing facilities in the world, which integrates clusters of high-performance computers, each powered by multiple Intel 12-Core processors, with multiple Solid State Data Storage arrays, and multiple redundant super-high-speed internet connections.


This infrastructure can optionally be optimized by an international Content Distribution Network that stores copies of your cached web page and graphics files in dozens of locations around the country, and around world, so the distance they must travel to get to your clients is as short as possible, thus getting to them as fast as possible.


All of this hardware infrastructure is further bolstered by a host cutting edge software acceleration technologies that include: dynamic web page caching, image optimization, gzip file compression, lazy-loading, code minification, database optimization, php acceleration, and multiple operating system optimizations.


Super-Solid Security

US spy agencies now list cyberattacks, not terrorism, as the top national security threat to the country, and the world, and between outbreak of the Stuxnet Worm, the WannaCry Ransomware, and all the media hype around Chinese-based hacking of major US newspapers, and Russian-based hacking of US voter databases, most of the American public is starting to agree. Especially those who store their important business data and documents “In The Cloud.”


For these reasons, the entire Venture Activist Kit is protected by the most advanced and comprehensive data security systems and policies available. For example, the operating system that runs all of our servers has a secured and hardened core, hardened databases, hardened PHP, encapsulated files system, and SecureLinks protection, all operating behind both hardware and software firewall security systems.


All of our operating system modules are frequently updated to the latest stable versions, and all of our software applications are enhanced to protect against database injection, malicious database queries, cross-site scripting, privilege escalation, brute force attacks, DOS attacks, and many other potential exploits. We also impose password strength enforcement and captcha verification on application users to protect businesses from any negligent employee practices.


In addition to our automated security systems, all systems are monitored by NOC professionals 24 hour per day, who can manually identify and block hacking attempts if they occur. All data is backed-up multiple times, to multiple locations, to secure it from potential hardware failures that would otherwise result in data loss. All equipment is housed in Tier 3 Data Centers, secured by electric fencing, around steel-reinforced concrete structures, requiring hand-scanner access for personnel, with 360o camera surveillance, inside and out, continually monitored 24 hours a day by security personnel.

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